How to plan a themed date night

Repurpose a piece of furniture or paint something for a fun productive at home date. You’ll love the finished product and it’s a fun way to spend time together.

Make a list of places you both want to travel. Have a home cooked meal from that location and listen to music from the country or culture associated with the place.

1. Movie Night

Watching a good movie with someone can be an incredibly intimate and fun experience. Whether you’re laughing together at a comedy or gasping together at a thriller, movies are a great way to bond with your sweetie.

Consider picking a double feature so you both get to pick your favorite movie. Make sure you have a variety of snacks and drinks to share as well (popcorn is always a favorite).

Try themed movie nights like Coraline (a girl explores a parallel universe full of danger and wonder) or Jurassic Park (a classic adventure). If you’re planning to play games, set up any materials ahead of time.

2. Music Night

This is a fun and romantic at home date idea. Put on your favorite songs that remind you of your relationship and dance the night away.

Dress like you’re at a sock hop or watch Grease or Back to the Future and have a mini 80’s concert. It’s also fun to lip sync.

Make your own cocktail at home (or watch the movie Cocktail and learn some fun bar tricks). It’s always more fun working on a project together too.

Go berry or apple picking, stroll through a new neighborhood or try a scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to get some exercise and spend quality time together.

3. Game Night

Game night is a time for friends and family to get together to play games. Usually, this involves a board or card game, but it can also include video games and other activities like charades.

Game nights can last for any length of time and can have varying numbers of participants. The number of attendees will influence the type of games chosen, so it is important to have a variety that cater to different group sizes and preferences.

Guests can challenge each other to fast-thinking category games like Scattergories, or they can try their hand at a deduction game like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. These are great options for those who are new to gaming!

4. Ice Cream Night

If you can’t make it to the local ice cream shop, try making your own at home. Trade in the classic crimson cherry for savory toppings like sprigs of peppery basil, candied capers or syrupy aged balsamic.

Take a cooking class together, whether it’s ballroom dancing or a new cuisine. Or, sign up for a meal subscription service like Blue Apron to cook chef-designed recipes at home with fresh, pre-measured ingredients.

Learn to speak French, then go cheese tasting or enjoy sweet crepes. For a romantic touch, serve dinner by candlelight and add music to enhance the mood.

5. Cowboy Night

Make this a night to dress up in cowboy gear and listen to Country music. You can even two step if you’re up for it! Cook a home cooked cowboy style meal like chicken fried steak or steak and have some cowboy movies to watch.

Before your date night make sure to double check things like movie show times, restaurant operating hours, weather conditions or driving distances if you are doing an out of town adventure. This will save you from being disappointed if you can’t do your planned date night activity due to weather or any other reason.

6. Nerf Gun Night

Nerf Gun nights are a fun way to bring out your inner child. Gather some friends and have a friendly nerf war at your home or a nearby park. Make forts and barricades out of pillows, couch cushions and furniture to block shots and create a more immersive experience.

Be sure to recruit players ahead of time and get them excited about the event! Be prepared to send out lots of emails and do whatever you can to promote the event. This could include a physical flyer at local universities or posting on forums and Reddit.

7. Chocolate Tasting

Getting your taste buds excited can rekindle the passion for your relationship. Host a chocolate tasting party to try out different types of luxury chocolate. This is a great opportunity to teach your friends about the nuances of chocolate and how to recognize flavors that may be overshadowed by sweetness.

Provide a chart for guests to write down their observations and ratings of each chocolate. Serve small pieces to encourage your guests to intentionally savor each flavor and texture.

Consider themes such as bitterness, add-ins, and country of origin for unique variations on a classic treat. Provide palate cleansers such as sliced apples, melon, and bread to give your guests a break from the richness of each chocolate.

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